URINAR i PÚBLIC is a Ramon Guimaraes performance created for La Muga Caula 2018, the International Performance Festival organized by Joan Casellas and Teresa Rofastes in collaboration with all the inhabitants of the village of Les Escaules (Figueres).
Very kindly, I was invited to participate in this 14th edition of the festival that commemorates the 50th anniversary of the death of Marcel Duchamp.
They proposed me to create three different performances: the first short, of 1 minute, the second of one hour and the third of a duration of two hours.
In the three performances, I have tried to relate aspects of the work of Marcel Duchamp with aspects of mine, with the intention of doing an exercise of appropriation and reinvention.
URINAR i PÚBLIC is one hour performance in which I give a twist to the well-known ‘ready made’ by Marcel Duchamp FONTAINE in which he puts upside down a serial urinary, signs it as R.MUTT and exposes it.
In the performance, I put upside down a large dildo as he did with the urinary.
I sign with my father name which I don’t normally use, to vindicate it.
And I start to piss non stop for one hour in front of the audience to put the strength on the performance act of urinate in front of the audience.
Per a veure vídeo: https://youtu.be/BB3I6zWEoDA